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Message from the President


I'm Daoxuan Otagaki, the representative of Thousand Design Co., Ltd.

I was born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, and raised in Kyoto Prefecture.


At first it was a design company that I started alone, but now I am working in Koto Ward with several staff members. I had many dreams for the future when I was a kid, but I've always wanted to help people. From the establishment to the present, we are very pleased that we have received a wide range of requests for packages and the Web, centering on paper media such as leaflets and pamphlets, and have been helping our customers by designing them.


We also have a "painting class opened by a design office" to convey the joy of drawing to the younger generation while working on design.


Design is a little different from the art of expressing oneself, it is about creating what someone needs. In many cases, it is the task of accepting someone's strong feelings and making them visible and outputting them. If you are not good at drawing, please tell us your dreams. I draw your dreams and it becomes a blueprint for the future you haven't seen yet.


Representative Daoxuan Otagaki

Michinobu Ohtagaki

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