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All TDI products are fully custom made.

Please feel free to contact us for consultation or request for quotation.

Please see the FAQ for frequently asked questions.

03-5809-8024 (Representative)



This website uses industry standard SSL encryption to protect data transmission when providing personal information to customers.

We recognize the importance of personal information, and when we receive personal information from customers on this website, we will handle it as follows.

  • For personal information provided by customers, a manager will be assigned to each department that handles the personal information, and the manager will manage it appropriately.

  • When collecting and collecting personal information from customers, we will specify the purpose of use as much as possible and clarify the contact point of our company.

  • The acquired personal information will not be provided or disclosed to any third party other than the company, etc. with the consent of the customer who provided it.
    In addition, by obliging a third party who provides or discloses with the consent of the customer to prevent leakage or re-disclosure of the customer's personal information,
    We will carry out appropriate management.

  • If you wish to inquire about or correct your personal information, please contact our contact point ( and we will respond promptly within the reasonable range of our authority. I will.

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