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We are not a big company, but we have been particular about the work we requested.

That is the reason why many clients have been repeating us since our establishment.

Thousand Design will continue to strive for even higher heights.



About delivery date

We strive to start the first school (first submission) as soon as possible from the timing of your request. For example, in the case of A4 size leaflets, we will be able to propose within 3 days.

* It may change depending on the time. All the design staff are disciplined in how to use the design software and strive to quickly shape the required visuals.


About the price

We are proud that our price is reasonable. It is a system that allows you to "request the designer directly" without going through an agency, etc., and it is the price for the net labor and results. On top of that, we take pride in quality, so it's never too expensive, but it's not too cheap.

Please let me give you a quote.

* It is also possible to propose work processes and contents according to your budget. When making an estimate, you may ask "Can I ask for this content in ●● yen?"



How to proceed

When designing, we keep in mind the gaze guidance and the golden ratio. If it is designed to convey a message, the screen will always be constructed by considering how the viewer will catch the information. It must also be beautiful and well-organized as a whole, not just a striking balance. We continue to make good products that last a long time, without pursuing only unusual designs. We are proud of this because we have received many repeats since our founding.



At our company, including delivery date and price,

We are very flexible.

For example, we accept requests such as taking over what you made halfway, or requesting that you proceed with a thorough discussion . Because I have been involved in the design field for many years

You can experience quick understanding and light progress.

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