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Mail-order monthly magazine "Delicious News"

Mail-order monthly magazine "Delicious News"

A mail-order booklet dealing with various ingredients. The booklet is an important position because the number of people who purchase from paper is higher than that on the web. I participated in the planning meeting, created a handwritten rough, photographed it, and transcribed a copy in the direction of appeal. There is also a planning page according to the season, and it is a booklet full of charm.

  • specification

    A4サイズ 32P フルカラー


  • What you received

    Products and materials for photography

  • What I did with Thousand Design

    Planning, copying, shooting, correction, design, proofreading, printing

  • 制作費

    900,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Production days

    30 days
  • printing

    10,000 copies

  • Year of production